About Angie

"Angie Wells is an impressive young singer who has had success in France. She has a beautiful voice, a quietly expressive style, and is particularly rewarding when singing a lowdown blues or making every note count on a slow ballad. She consistently puts a lot of feeling and understanding into the lyrics that she interprets."            
Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene

"Angie Wells is a jazz singer with a rich beautiful sound and a big beat.  She understands the meaning of a lyric and really makes it come alive.  It is a pleasure to work with her and I know people will enjoy her."  
Bill Cunliffe, Grammy winning jazz pianist, composer and          

“Angie Wells is a fine new voice who knows how to deliver great tunes: swinging and soulful.”   
            - Joe LaBarbera, jazz drummer 

“Angie Wells has a warm, beautiful voice.  She gets inside a lyric and tells you the story.  She lights up the room as she weaves her way through the Great American Songbook.  She’s definitely one of the talented and dedicated new jazz singers who should be heard.”    
           - Mike Campbell, jazz vocalist

Angie Wells has a smokey well rounded voice that can give listeners goosebumps on a ballad and then turn around to get them tapping their feet when she swings.  She has the ability to entertain her audience in a way that is truly captivating by giving  a show in the true sense of the word with glamorous costume changes, humorous banter and a voice that keeps her audience hanging on to every note.  Angie  truly believes a performance is a symbiotic exchange of energy between herself and her audience and gives her all at every moment. 

Angie began her singing career in an intimate little supper club in St. Germain des Pres in Paris when she joined the trio playing that night for a few tunes.  Since then she has returned to France to tour with French pianist Raphael Lemonnier.  Wells qualified as a semi-finalist in the first  annual Sarah Vaughan International Vocal Competition and has played and recorded at home with some of America's best jazz musicians including  John Belzaguy, Carl Burnett, Clayton Cameron,  Bill Cunliffe, Quentin Dennard, Kenny Elliott,
Tim Emmons, Christian Euman, Henry Franklin, Sam Hirsh,  Jim Hughart,  Harry Kim, Paul Kreibich, James Leary, Joe LaBarbera, Jack Lecompte, Edwin Livingston, Trevor Ware, Tom Warrington and Doug Webb.  She has performed at various jazz/music  festivals in the  U.S.  including  The Telluride Jazz Festival and The San Jose Summer Jazz Fest as guest vocalist of Kermit Ruffins, KJAZZ LACMA Jazz Series and in France The  MoZ'aique Festival,  Festival Jazz au Chateau, Festival Jazz De Colliure, Festival Jazz de Monsegur to name just a few.

Angie's official debut  CD with Raphael Lemonnier titled LOVE and MISCHIEF was released in 2017 to a series of noteworthy reviews including:  All About Jazz, Contemporary Fusion Reviews, Midwest Record Review and her original composition "She Ain't The Kinda Girl" reached #4 on France's Jazz Radio. She is currently writing new music for her next project.




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